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Myles and the Longshots

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The self-titled "Myles and the Longshots" is our band's second release, and documents our move from Boston to Austin. Previously performing as Tammy Lynn & Myles High up north, and releasing our first album "Turn My Music On" there, we headed south to Austin in 2015. There we rebooted as Myles and the Longshots. After a time getting going in Austin, we eventually joined forces with Texas natives Dylan Cavaliere on upright bass, and Dan Poole on drums to complete the band.

But back to the beginning... When we started putting this record together, we had some tracks for the songs "Billy" and "Callin' All Boys" from the Turn My Music On sessions - recorded in Boston with "Sax" Gordon Beadle (saxophone), and Rick Rousseau (drums). Those were finished up here in Austin with local players, while we went to work on new recordings with the new band.

Along with the core lineup, we partnered with other great Austin area musicians we know to add to our sound: Heather Rae Johnson on fiddle, Willy "D" Daniel on sax, Ben Sparks on bass, and Ryan Wayne Patterson on drums.

The result is a record that shows our Austin sound, with a nod to our former Boston area connections.

Myles and the Longshots is available at our shows, as well as on
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Turn My Music On

On their debut record "Turn My Music On" husband and wife team of Tammy Lynn and Mike Myles work with other great musicians, including Sax Gordon, Travis Colby, Rick Rousseau, Jon Ross, Ray Himmer, Johann Haas, Bruce Hilton, and Charlie Dent to craft a unique sound all their own. One that seamlessly merges old and new styles to create music that's simultaneously familiar, and fresh.

The Myles & the Long Shots sound starts from a foundation of rockabilly and 50's rock & roll, then mixes in R&B, soul, jazz, surf, and vintage country & western... Rockin' Americana at it's best!

Turn My Music On is available at our shows, as well as on
CD Baby, iTunes, Amazon, and all your favorite online music sources.

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